Walker Center

Walker Center entranceThe Pat and Willard Walker Student Education Center is an 8,000 square foot facility at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Northwest campus. It is used by students from all academic programs at the campus.

The center includes clinic space where students will work with standardized patients (SPs) who have been trained to simulate a patient or family member so accurately that the simulation cannot be detected by a skilled health care worker. SPs are specifically trained to not only represent the context of a situation or problem, but to also consistently recreate that same situation or problem each time they encounter a Skills Center learner.

The Walker Student Clinical Education Center has six outpatient exam rooms that are fully equipped with audio and video capabilities, including multiple cameras. The exam rooms are able to accommodate one on one learner-patient encounters as well as teaching sessions. All six exam rooms are equipped with phones for telemedicine cases.walker hallway

There is a center hallway dedicated to the entrance and exit of the learners into each exam room. The hallway is equipped six thin clients, keyboards, mice and monitors for pre and post-encounter data entry. There are two side hallways that are utilized by standardized patients and faculty for entrance into the rooms.


A central observation room is dedicated for standardized patient training along with monitors and equipment to view each room’s encounter. There is also a control room suitable for managing multiple events throughout the clinic. Clinical Skills Center faculty and staff have offices in the facility, as well.walker observation

Students at the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Professions use these facilities to perform assessments and practice their clinical skills in a safe environment while receiving feedback about their encounters.

There is also a clinical skills room with partial task trainers that allow our learners the opportunity to practice listening to heart sounds, suturing techniques, IV insertion, and other simulated tasks.


If you are interested in the Walker Student Clinical Education Center, you may contact:

Jamie Thornton

Jamie Thornton
Healthcare Simulation Educator
Contact Information: JThornton4@uams.edu



Travis Hill

Travis Hill
Executive Director, Centers for Simulation Education
Contact Information: TBHill@uams.edu