Scheduling Guidelines:

  1.  This scheduling guideline form must be signed and submitted to the Centers for Simulation Education Clinical Skills Center Manager before any room requests. Only one form needs to be on file per scheduler.
  2. All requests will be accepted 6 months prior to the event. Any request over 6 months prior to the event will be taken and considered tentative.
  3. A room request form will need to be submitted to the Clinical Skills Center Manager, who will then schedule the event on the Clinical Skills Center calendar and email a confirmation back to the scheduler.
  4. Rooms may only be reserved for the use of testing or teaching clinical skills, to include interviewing and physical examination. The Clinical Skills Center Is Not To Be Used As A Typical Classroom For Primarily Didactic Session Or Group Meetings. (Programs not requiring a clinical setting will not be permitted to use the CSC.)
  5. All scheduling is subject to availability. Priority will be given to major and standing testing schedules.
  6. Room reservation cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel will result in a CSC charge as well as charges for standardized patients. The CSC charge will be assessed according to the number of rooms and times reserved and not used.
  7. The CSC provides gowns, sheets and standard clinical room equipment and supplies.

Any changes to these guidelines are at the discretion of the CCSE director.