Directions to the CSC



















Enter the campus from Markham at entrance 2. Go through the roundabout and look for a left hand turn between the buildings on the left. (The first building on the left is our building.  It is a glass fronted building named Daniel W. Rahn Interprofessional Education Building. As you go under and between the buildings the only way to go is to the left. Continue and look for the parking deck #2 on your right. Go up the ramp to the deck. Take the ticket at the entrance and park.

Face west towards the buildings you drove around and see the elevated sidewalk going towards Daniel W. Rahn Interprofessional Education Building. Go over the sidewalk and enter the building. The elevators are just inside the door. Go to the 8th floor. As you exit the elevator you will see the door for the Center for Clinical Skills directly across from you.

Judith Casavechia

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Michae Orfanos

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