Clinical Skills Center Facilities

Welcome to the Clinical Skills Center (CSC) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  Located in the Daniel W. Rahn Interprofessional Education Building, the Clinical Skills Center is the primary facility for teaching and assessing students’ clinical skills.

The CSC is a 4000 square foot facility that houses 14 outpatient exam rooms that are fully equipped with audio and video capabilities with multiple cameras to capture different views.  The exam rooms are able to accommodate one on one learner-patient encounters as well as teaching sessions.  Seven exam rooms are equipped with phones for telemedicine cases.HALLWAY2

There is a center hallway dedicated to the entrance and exit of the learners into each exam room.  The hallway is equipped with 14 mac minis, keyboards, mice and monitors for pre and post-encounter data entry. There are 2 side observation hallways with views through one way mirrors into all 14 rooms.  This hallway is utilized by standardized patients and faculty for entrance into the rooms.  Each room, is also equipped with audio jacks to provide an opportunity to listen and watch through the glass.

A central observation room is dedicated for standardized patient training along with monitors and equipment to view each room’s encounter.  There is also a control room suitable for managing multiple events throughout the clinic.  Offices exist for Clinical Skills Center faculty and staff.



Students at the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Genetics, Dietetics, Forensic Psychiatry, Education and other health related professions all utilize the patient examination rooms to interview and examine Standardized Patients (SPs). SPs are members of the community hired and trained to portray case scenarios for the students to learn and practice communication with patients and performing physical examinations.  Every encounter is recorded and captured by CAE LearningSpace.  Our institution is a member school of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE). 


The Clinical Skills Center uses a standardized patient software program, CAE LearningSpace®, to assist us with event scheduling, exam management, learner evaluations and data analysis. The online, web-based system is an effective tool for continuously monitoring exam performances and case objectives. The CAE LearningSpace® assists us in creating checklists and questionnaires, student data collection, performance analysis, and calculation of student scores. It is accessible online to faculty and students through the use of their UAMS domain password.